June 20-27, 2015 is the set week for the 9th Annual Group Trip of the Krewe de Krazy Life's return to paradise at Hedonism II and the countdown has started.

Again, our Group/Krewe is open to all fun-loving and open-minded adults and we will also again be joined by world famous bodypainter, Pashur, (www.canvasalive.com) who will create body art for all the female Krewe (and even some of guys if they wish) plus the always beautiful and entertaining Penis Fairy, co-founders of the Krewe--John & MJ-- several female Krewe "Insta-gators" and of course, yours truly in TravelSlut mode with all my infamous "Ann-tics".

Details for the 9th Annual Group Trip:

FantasyFesters, Krewe de Krazy Lifers, Hedo veterans/rookies, fun-loving & open-minded adults. Our Krewe was 55 strong in 2014...

Our 9th Annual Mid-Year Reunion-Rendezvous in Paradise of like-minded partygoers, lovers of costumed fun 

All-inclusive Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica (fly into Montego Bay) 

June 20-27, 2015 (or any dates in between-your choice). Me? I'll be there 10 nights again (June 18-29). 

A group of KrewedeKrazyLifers, FantasyFesters and Hedo veterans have again asked me (The TravelSlut) to organize/handle our group into Hedo II for our annual Group Trip. I will be the central point for all group-related travel to Hedo for this trip or anytime a member wishes to explore adult-only travel destinations. Just email me: TheTravelSlut@yahoo.com 

Because we are the "fun" group according to the Hedonism resort staff and we must be doing something right since we seem to "adopt" many new members into our group every year throughout the week while we are there. Also, some of the group likes to go because they may have missed the fun and costumes of Fantasy Fest in Key West from the previous year or will miss the upcoming Fantasy Fest event in October. Also, some just don't want to wait 12 months between fun times and like the idea of a relaxed, yet exciting, nude or clothing-optional, pre-paid all-inclusive atmosphere that exudes a certain "energy" :-)

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me directly at:


I know that we will all be ready for Hedonism II--but will Hedo be ready for us again??? (I am sure they will be)

Ann, The Travel Slut
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Krewed...ifers4Hedonism (2,500+ members and 2,000+ photos)
http://www.flickr.com/groups/hedonismresortgrouptrip/ (3,000+ photos and 5,700+ followers)
http://twitter.com/TheTravelSlut (daily updates and photos)

Make sure your passports are valid for beyond the travel dates! :-)

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