A growing number of people have turned to trace their Polish roots.Presentday citizens of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia or New Zealand. There were a few waves of emigration for different reasosns (economic, political, repressions) starting with the 80-ies in the 19th century. Most of emigrants  travelled throgh Bremenhaven. There was also a huge exodus of Jewish people and 4 Kindertansporten to London just before the outbreak of WW2.  Mennonites. Nowadays, their descendants take trips to unearth records, visit ancestral homes and meet relatives, if any.What about you? Would you like to find your roots through a genealogy trip to Poland?

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The first emigration started in 1852.
Gdansk Jews Already in 15th century the first Jews frequently visited Gdansk and "Jewish Lane" existed on the bank of the Motlawa.They traded in grain and timber, were engaged in the liberal professions, employed in crafts. You will also learn about this population in the Free City of Gdansk , Polish Jews and Jewish emigres from Soviet Union visiting Sopot as a popular sea resort in the mid-war period, about their emigration who passed through Gdansk on their way to the US or Palestine, about the kindertransporten, two synagogues burnt down and two others demolished, houses and shops looted on the Crystal Night and the saddest episode in the Nazi Times - the Jewish getto, deportations and only 22 Jews  who managed to survive the war in Gdansk. Gdansk Jewish Heritage Tour presents also the information about their post-war history and present times. Meeting with members of the local Jewish Community can be arranged upon request. During the tour you will admire the remnants of Lesser Gieldzinski collection of art and learn about the Judaica from the Grand Synagogue sold to rescue human lives and finace the main stream of exodus to America, Palestine, China or Madagaskar. You will also listen to the anecdotes. You can visit one of the old Jewish cemetaries and an interesting exhibition in the National Museum.


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