Matt Kepnes is founder and author of Nomadic Matt's Travel Site, a backpacking and budget travel website dedicated to showing people how to travel longer on less money.

He is speaking in the niche blogging panel at THETRAVELBLOGGERSSHOW in Orlando this september. Panel Seminar: One Subject, One Blog: Do’s and Don'ts for Niche BloggingModerator: Kim MancePanelists: Matt Kepnes, Janice Waugh, Jeanine Barone, Beth WhitmanWhatever it is—cruising, the culinary traditions of Italy, backpacking—you’re passionate about it. But how do you keep the content fresh when you’re only covering one subject, and sometimes a narrowly focused subject at that? Attendees of this panel discussion will hear from niche travel bloggers about their trials and travails when it comes to providing new content with a creative spin.

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