We are starting to kick off our planning for our 10-day trip to Austria and Italy trip in September.

Although, it is a sponsored trip, we are only getting sponsorship in Austria, and have planned to also visit Italy while we are there, since we only have 3-days planned for Austria.

However, I am finding myself a little stumped at finding an official tourism site for Italy, where they have a media area.

I've come across, www.italia.it, but no where do they have any mention of media assistance. We reached out to the email under a single page with a press contact, but no response.

I also can't find a tourism site for Rome, Venice or Florence. Just seems odd.

Does anyone have anything they've discovered and I'm just missing it? Thank you!

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I'm not sure where you're based, Chloe, but in the UK we have the Italian Tourist Board offices which also have a media department that handles all ex-UK media requests. I assume the same would be true of other countries. The Italian head office (the one you mentioned) deal with publicity, but (the last time we went) only handle media that has come via the media offices in their originating countries.

If it helps, the one in the UK is very good, and has helped ups with a number of filming trips over the years. 

Hope that helps. 



Thanks Trevor! We are based in Seattle, WA. I saw they had an office in New York and sent some information over. 

The official tourism board of Italy is ENIT. I have found them to be lazy and unhelpful. 


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