St. Barts, October 6, 2017 –The Territorial Tourism Committee of St. Barts (pictured here before the hurricane) is proud to announce the continued success of clean-up and repair efforts following hurricanes Irma, Maria and Jose. “We look forward to welcoming visitors back to the island later this month," says Nils Dufau, president of the Territorial Tourism Committee of St. Barts. 

Updates below:

  • The Port of Gustavia to host the first cruise ship passengers on October 30.
  • Restaurants and boutiques in the Port of Gustavia are expected to open by October 30.
  • Hotels expected to reopen by Thanksgiving include the Sunset, Ti Morne, Auberge de Terre Neuve, Tom Beach, Le Village St Barth, Villa Lodge 4 Epices, Baie des Anges, Les Ondines, Saline Garden, Les Sucriers, Les Ilets de la Plage and Le Nid d’Aigle.
  • Villa managers, rental agencies and property owners are working to have as many villas available for rental, as soon as possible.
  • The 2018 Music Festival will take place in January as planned.
  • Maximum efforts are being made for the 2018 nautical events, such as the Bucket Regatta, Les Voiles de Saint-Barth and the 14th Annual Transat AG2R to take place as scheduled.
  • Area hotels, such as The Christopher, Villa Marie and Le Manapany are working towards opening in time for the 2018 nautical events.

The Territorial Tourism Committee of St. Barts will continue to provide progress updates.


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Good to know. I empathize with the people hit by the two hurricanes. My blood pressure goes through the roof when i see what #orangeutan did to PR, and #brexitans did to BVI and former colonies.

So true -- every word you say, Anil. Happy holidays in spite of them.


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