Located in southeastern France's Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region - about an hour 15 minutes east of the closest air gateway, Geneva and a six-hour drive from Paris- this charming village of a bit over 1,200 permanent residents also happens to be one of Europe's top mountain-biking meccas. Les Gets boasts some 650 kilometers of marked tracks and 25 ski lifts also open all summer long to easily get from one place to another. Les Gets has also repeatedly hosted the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup (below), will do so again this July 2-4, and during the rest of the season advanced amateur mountain bikers can ride the world-cup downhill route, the giant cross country circuits, dirt and jump parks, the north shore, and much more.

But that doesn’t mean Les Gets is a destination fit only for highly skilled mountain bikers, because it caters to all levels - and indeed, it's perfect for those who want to begin practicing this challenging sport. There are specially designated areas for learner, as well as a staff of expert bikers offering lessons and guided rides to teach you all the best moves and tricks.

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