As a student astrologer (got CTA, working sloo-oowly towards Dip), I am still slightly puzzled by the frequent incidences of 'syncronicity'.
For me, it usually happens in two's - sometimes three's or more.
What I'm saying, is... I may see or hear something, and then that same day encounter it again.  For example the other day I was reading about narcissistic behaviour when 'Narcissus' was played on the radio.  I told my son who was in his room listening to his MP3 player - on random - and the track that was playing was from an album - Narcissus Road.
Sometimes there's just a spate of similar occurrences.  We watched, on Antiques Roadshow, a lady describe how her mother had been in her bedroom when a bullet narrowly missed her.  Earlier that day my husband spotted, in the street, a necklace made in the shape of a small silver bullet. He didn't pick it up, but the lady behind him did.  He *missed* the bullet.
Is there an astrological reason for this?  Or is the Universe just playing with my brain?

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Hey Jill... Excellent question. The cosmos does enjoy playing with us, I believe---just as a reminder that forces beyond our ken (whatever names we choose to give them) exist. Jung, of course, coined the term "synchronicity" to explain these non-causal, seemingly arbitrary "coincidences," as well as phenomena such as deja vu. Many astrologers do believe that synchronicity provides one explanation for why astrology "works." Nothing is entirely random, though we have free will...

Of course, we could also discuss quantum physics, because the topic raises questions of space-time intersections. Leaving Schroedinger's cat aside, however, I think on the mundane level of astrology, some people are simply more sensitive or attuned to these synchronicities. In your case, for example, does your natal chart include strong 12th-house influences/positions/harmonics/aspects? Because there is a psychic component at work IMHO, at the very least in terms of being more open to/aware of these larger interlocking/overarching principles.
Thank you!
I think you're right about the psychic component - it's there, but in an elusive way. I keep thinking that there's a message, but I just don't get it. It's as though the universe is saying 'here's one, and now here's another slightly different one' over and over again.
My 12th is empty (equal house), and apart from the moon in the 6th (26GE12) all the planets are above the horizon.
Dad Pisces, mum Cancer, son Scorpio, sister Aquarius and I Libra (CAP asc).
I think we drive ourselves crazy looking for messages. I know I often do, LOL. Here's my take, whether it be from an astrological, spiritual, astrophysical perspective. We're just not that evolved as a species. There probably are patterns, whether we call them evidence of divinity or particles even smaller than quarks, all pinging against one another. Every so often humanity gets a glimpse of the larger picture, but it's 2 dots in an entire Pointillist canvas, not enough to connect and form a clear image.

12th house is normally what I associate with these synchronous insights. So I'd draw up your chart in Koch, see if there are any subtle changes. And I'd look for any "hidden" 12th-house links. You have Pisces on the 3rd, if there are no interceptions; that certainly can suggest encoding little messages in the mundane----and since the traditional third house is ruled by Gemini, you're more emotionally intuitive about these flashes (moon Gem). Just a thought.
Yep - drives me mad, too. I had to laugh, though - after your mention of Schroedinger's cat, I discovered a back issue of the Journal which I'd forgotten about - never even opened. There, in the editorial was a reference to that same cat :-) So, I have another two dots and no picture.
I'll try Koch, too.
Thanks so much again.
Okay, that IS a little freaky (but cool). Probably a good thing you don't have a bunch of planets in the 12th; I'd hate to visualize you in an all-white room, magic marker in hand, and thousands of dots on the wall with orderlies staring through a small glass window. j/k! :) Synchronicity (or awareness thereof) is maddening, but perhaps the key is simply letting the insights wash over us. If they form a coherent pattern at some point, great; if not, they're just a nifty reminder that everything is probably connected by some gossamer cosmic fabric. :)


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