India is most interesting place where you can find adventure travel with knowledge so i am promoting INDIA ... I live in Varanasi .. Varanasi is one of the oldest City of world where Ganga water flowing south side to north side and sun rises every morning from east side beautiful look most welcome to all of you ...
my self working here as a yoga, astrology and ayurveda expert since last 12 years and also working for street children social work project, people come here for volunteer work and we provide them accommodation in Varanasi India trip please visit our blog

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Welcome! I hope you'll share some of your Vedic insights with the group, and please enlighten us regarding how Jyotisha and the apaursheya in general relate to astrology and travel!
Hi Jordan, yes i have learn t yoga, ayurveda & Astrology arts in Ashram before 12 years when i was 10 years old that time continue i was one year in Ashram hard discipline and rule. Our Teacher said us very strictly that never try to do business with your arts. Till now i am trying to follow his rule and accept donation.
My technique is read by horoscope, palm reading, face reading, Numerology, and white magic for making life is positive way...
Travelers come and i provide them and they give us donation and this donation we use for Varanasi street children free education and food program


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