Dream job with Finnair: Quality Hunter - 4 people / 61 days / traveling the globe in search of quality

Are you a Quality Hunter?

Ever dreamed of getting paid to explore the world? Finnair, one of the world’s longest continuously operating airlines, offers you the adventure of a lifetime. We are on a global search for four Quality Hunters; intrepid, outspoken and discerning individuals whose task is to travel to Finnair’s destinations in Europe, Asia and the US for a period of two months in search of quality experiences.

Your mission

As a Quality Hunter, your task is to report to Finnair as an independent advisor, assisting the airline as it investigates the factors that contribute to excellence in travel. You will also share your experiences with the public through frequent updates in text, images and video on your personal blog on the Rethink Quality website.
At the end of your journey, readers to the site will vote for the Top Quality Hunter.


To apply for the adventure of a lifetime, check http://rethinkquality.finnair.com/quality-hunters/

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Can't believe it!

This is a great opportunity and I'm going to go for it!

Louise, do you work for Finnair and when do they contact the winners?
The winners were announced Here.
Finnair Appoints Four Expert Quality Hunters to Travel the World - Airline Received 330 Applications from US
Earlier this month, Finnair announced its selection of four expert Quality Hunters. During October and November, these independent advisors will visit Finnair destinations around the world and observe quality on flights, in airports and at their various destinations www.finnair.com/rethinkquality. They were chosen from the more than 5,200 applications from 89 countries - including 330 applications from the US - that were received by the international carrier in September.

Finnair introduced the four new Quality Hunters, Christina Lund Sorensen, Ella Marshall, Warren Singh-Bartlett and Wolfgang Wagner at a press conference in Helsinki. Their work includes assessing flights, airports and destinations as they depart on itineraries which will cover destinations in Europe, Asia and the US during the next two months. Finnair has appointed the Quality Hunters as part of the airline’s ongoing commitment to continuously improve its service proposition.

In addition to reporting their findings to Finnair as its independent advisors, the Quality Hunters will be sharing their thoughts and experiences with the public through their personal blogs on the Rethink Quality website at www.finnair.com/rethinkquality. Readers who comment on the blogs or vote for the Top Quality Hunter at the end of the two-month period will have a chance to win intercontinental flights for two between the US and Asia on Finnair.


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