One of Venice’s most popular festivals is now underway: the Festa del Redentore. Ermanno, one of our local guides in Venice, calls this his “favourite festival of the year” (as it is for many Venetians!) and he’s taking time today to share a bit of information about the festival’s history and program details for 2013. If you’re going to be in Venice this weekend, you won’t want to miss a moment!
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The Festa del Redentore (in English “Feast of the Redeemer”) is taking place in Venice this Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21. Because the event is so popular with locals and tourists, it will be busy and crowded – but the fun atmosphere is worth braving the crowds!

The Feast of the Redeemer is one of the holidays most sincerely felt by the Venetians as it combines both the religious aspect and the spectacular, thanks to the brilliant fireworks display that attracts thousands of visitors on Saturday night... 

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