I would love to hear from any US citizens who have visited Libya in recent months and received a visa upon arrival.  Is this working?  Have there been instances of people being turned back at Customs? I'm still pretty nervous about booking people on Libya trips.  I guess I'm waiting for numbers to make a good argument for this. 





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Just wanted to update you on the visa situation in Libya.  We are American's living in Libya now and have been successful at getting some clients into Libya.  At this point in time the ministry of Tourism is not offering any tourism visas...I was in there last week.  The only way to get clients in right now is to get them a business visa.  We have hooked our travelers up with a local business who is willing to host them for a meeting and help them with the visa.  We believe in working above board and with integrity...so we make sure they are truly in the business field.  There are many companies that will get you a "business visa" but just use a cousin or friend to get the visa.  I would suggest staying away from this type of option.

I have not heard of anyone being turned away at the border if they have the visa in their passport.


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