In connection with an upcoming press trip to South America, I was asked for my Journalist registration number.  Clearly, I have no idea what that is as I've never had one..


Can someone explain and better yet, tell me how to go about obtaining one?





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I'm sure these $140 visas are really popular with the hotels and tour operators in each country.
I've never been asked this one, but maybe you shoul just make one up and see what happens.

When I got to Parintins, Brazil, my journalists badge was waiting for me so the Federal ID# worked. They never asked for any proof of the number, so I probably could have just as well given them #1234567890. 


Anyhow, it was the most amazing festival I've ever seen anywhere.  The colors, the costumes, the dancers, the was 6 hours of non-stop enthusiasm...for three nights straight.  Check out the photos and a hastily assembled video.


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