I'm mainly a lurker here, but I follow many of the discussions with great interest! And I thought that many of you might be interested in a weekly contest I run on my blog, FacingTheStreet.com.


Each day, I post a new travel trivia question. Readers can submit their answers as comments on the blog post. At the end of the week, I randomly draw a name from the correct answers and that person receives a small prize. Past prizes have included a cookbook, tote bags, notebooks, travel mugs and more.


At the moments, the odds of winning a prize are high, since I only have about a dozen regular players! Even if the prizes aren't your thing, I encourage you to check out the game and test your trivia savvy. The questions are usually posted by 8:30 Eastern time each morning, so it's a fun way to start your day.


And, of course, you're most welcome to explore the rest of the site, which focuses on ways to "live like a local" while travelling.


To see the archive of the week's questions (you can give one answer to each question during the week of the contest), go to http://www.facingthestreet.com/category/traveltrivia/


And if Facebook is your thing, you can also "like" FacingTheStreet.com on Facebook and receive automatic notices of each new post. Here's the page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Facing-the-Street/144679852253016





Laura Byrne Paquet

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Hello! I appreciated your post on Algeria since my maternal ancestors came from there. I prepare its food in my mainly Moroccan cookbooks (The Vegetarian Table: North Africa, www.kittymorse.com). Tamanrasset, the gateway to the Algerian Sahara is supposed to be spectacular, though unfortunately unadvisable to visit due to political upheavals in the country. And rai music is the best!




Wow, your cookbooks look amazing, Kitty! And thanks for the feedback on my Algeria post. I haven't made it to North Africa yet, but I hope to visit someday. In the meantime, I should try making a tagine. I love eating them in Moroccan restaurants, but have never tried making one at home.

The contest is not only fun, it is way too easy to get distracted from work!



By the way, sunny greetings from morocco


Best regards

Farid Zahidi




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