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Next month, I am going to visit the UK after a long time. I am going there with family and planning to visit rural areas instead of the big cities. In this regard, we decided to visit the coastal towns and small villages. According to the different internet sources, we should visit Polperro because of its beautiful cottages, lovely people and the presence of coastline.

However, I am a little confused about the transport. Do you think public transport is entirely safe in these days of coronavirus pandemic. Withal, if I pick a private minibus then I would also have to get insurance. I am using this site to compare minibus insurance quotes but I would like to know your suggestions because making the final decision. Similarly, what are your thoughts about other villages like Four Seasons or holiday places like Coopers Cottage? 

You are also open to share your own recommendations.

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Hi… As for your question of the most beautiful villages in the UK,  all I can say is that there are far too many candidates so, on balance, travel coastal roads and ask local folks their opinions.


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