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Once people navigated by the positions of the stars. Today, astrology can serve as a kind of spiritual travel agent, telling you, for example, about destinations likely to be good & less good matches for your temperament & personality. Give it a try!

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Have you ever traveled somewhere and felt oddly uncomfortable (beyond battling nasty bugs and even nastier desk clerks)? Conversely, you've probably visited a strange destination and unaccountably felt at home.

With travel astrology you can look up a destination, read the analysis, then check your sun sign (and your mate’s, lover’s, friends’, kids’, business partners’) and see how they fit with your trip’s purpose: business, romance, family, recreation.

In addition to this forum for asking questions and discussing astrological issues as they relate to travel, I'm happy to draw up astrological charts and even itineraries upon request; simply email me.

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Using astrology to plan travel this holiday season


Started by Jordan Simon Nov 5, 2021.

Who you should travel with, based on your sign

Well, this particular astrologer got me, an Aries, partly right, though my partner in travel is a Cancer: "You’re a born leader, a pioneer, and a discoverer, which means you like being active on…Continue

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Where to travel in 2018 according to your sign

AFAR just came out with this, written by an astrologer (whom, oddly, they refuse to name lol): …Continue

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Horary question - anyone able to help?

No, I don't want homework help - but I've lost something and would really appreciate horary help in finding it.It's an inexpensive WI-FI detector gizmo that I've just sold on Amazon, but I cannot…Continue

Started by Jill Wood Mar 15, 2012.

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Comment by Kat Morgenstern on October 13, 2010 at 5:11pm
ah, found it: the book of world horoscopes, by Nicholas Campion
Comment by Kat Morgenstern on October 13, 2010 at 5:09pm
as for country astrology, there is a whole branch of astrology dedicated to that and I have seen a book that lists all the birth (and sometimes 'rebirth' data for all different countries.Can't remember what it was called, but I just found this online:
Comment by Kat Morgenstern on October 13, 2010 at 5:02pm
have you seen the astrocartography site?
it's kind of cool. You can enter your birthdata and it generates an astrocartography diagram so you can see if certain lines run through specific places that mean something to you.
Comment by Jordan Simon on October 9, 2010 at 6:40pm
David, I've been trying to come up with a proper "birthdate" for Guatemala. On 9/15/1821 the Captaincy-General of Guatemala (also encompassing Honduras, El Savador, Nicaragua, and Chiapas) declared independence from Spain, then incorporated with the Mexican Empire, which dissolved in that incarnation 2 years later. At that point, all but Chiapas formed the United States of Central America. Guatemala didn't really exist as an independent entity until sometime around 1839-40.

Normally, I'd cast a chart for the destination in question. I'd then take your sun sign (Aries) and see where it falls in the destination chart, and whether it makes basic aspects (essentially angles in that 360-degree circle) with Guatemala's planets. A paid reading would include doing your full chart and comparing it in several ways to the destination's. Synastry (literally finding the angles between the two charts, and in which "houses" planets fall) is one comparison. Composite, mentioned in my previous response, is another. Finally, you look at current transits against both the individual and composite charts, for "predictive" info.

BUT while astrology is useful for prognostication, there's also free will. And what might seem challenging can provide the energy and willpower to devise creative solutions, while harmonious "favorable"aspects can make us lazy, and we won't take advantage. Which is why astrologers avoid pejorative words like positive and negative, even good and bad.

Obviously, in a reading, I explain the terminology, LOL. It seems dauntingly complex at first... Writing general travel horoscopes is easier, because really you're using current transits and applying them to each sun sign, then angling the column toward anything trip-related. For example, if the transiting Sun and Venus are in Aries' Ninth House (Sagittarius), travel is not only starred but encouraged. The Ninth House "rules" foreign affairs, philosophy, education, justice. So it's a great time to interact with different cultures (if Venus and/or Mars are there, might even have a fun affair), or go on educational jaunts.

If anyone does have a better date for Guatemala's "birth" as a nation, please let me know. I can go by the above date and give you some ideas, David, but obviously since it's really "Independence Day" for most of Central America, it's not as focused as I'd like.
Comment by Jordan Simon on October 7, 2010 at 3:19pm
Hey David. Great question. First, if we can create another box, I'll provide an explanation of the process, using a scaled-down version of the USA's chart as an example.

Second, while for basic forecasting/horoscope purposes, we use the sun sign, every individual and destination is quite complex. Think of the sun sign as a skeletal outline, a basic personality blueprint. It's modified by many considerations. For example, the other planets (astrologers include the moon, and poor dwarfed Pluto, LOL) "rule" different facets of your personality; depending what signs they're in, they affect the whole chart. Then there are 12 houses (the first has the Ascendant or Rising Sign on the cusp), each of which "rules" a different area of your life. So depending what planets fall where is another consideration. And of course all those planets make angles (180 degrees, 90 degrees, etc) to each other; these are called aspects and further modify a chart.

For astro-travel horoscope columns, I find it best to do the chart for destinations so I have a better feel for how they'll generally affect the individual Zodiac signs of readers. If I do a personal reading for you, you'd get the whole shebang/megilla/etc. So for a true, in-depth reading of "compatibility" between you and Guatemala, I'd create what's called a composite chart: literally an overlay, a halfway point for every planet in your chart and Guatemala's. This is traditionally done for relationships---it tells you how 2 people function as a team.

As far as Guatemala goes, I'm looking for a "birthdate." The closest I can find is when it declared independence from Spain with several surrounding provinces, 9/15/1821, and joined Nuevo Mexico (which dissolved two years later). Let me see if I can find a better incorporation (or if you have a better date in your notes, please let me know!)... In the meantime, let me know if I can create another box for the general explanation for readers of how this works... Thanks!
Comment by David Paul Appell on October 7, 2010 at 2:17pm
Definitely an intriguing nexus, for sure! I'm going to Guatemala in a little over a week. To give our members an example of how this sort of this works, what kind of info would you use in order to determine how I, an Aries (dob 3/27) might fare in that country?
Comment by Jordan Simon on October 7, 2010 at 1:55pm
Hi Max. Welcome to the group! Absolutely, you can apply any form of astrology to travel (and many other topics, for that matter). As well as other systems, such as numerology. So if anyone has specific observations or questions regarding Chinese, Celtic, Vedic, Medicine Wheel, this group is incredibly inclusive. I'm discussing starting a travel astrology column with Tripatini -- and if it flies, I'd do occasional columns highlighting non-traditional (Western) systems.
Comment by Max Pesling on October 7, 2010 at 8:20am
Interesting concept, and one that hadn't previously occurred to me. Now, most of us in the West are familiar with sun signs like Aquarius, Pisces, etc., but there are of course various other astrological systems and traditions -- the Chinese, Indian Vedic, etc. Can travel be tied into these, as well?



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