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Funny ways people have gotten frequent flyer miles.

American Airlines is celebrating their 30th Anniversary of their frequent flyer program.I have been enjoying hearing all the crazy ways people have earned miles over the years on the various tv shows.The funniest one is from a man who started a company just to fly 20 Thai people back and forth on a $8 flight,so he could earn 4000000 miles. The local DEA ask…

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Cheap Flights to Europe: My 9 Top Web Sites

1.Airfarewatchdog- They have been good at finding out some of the bargain flights to Europe.They don't list a lot of flights, but those they do are generally pretty cheap. Check the daily blog also. 

2.Momondo- Still the best of the Airfare search sites,but they do have some problems as well. They check a lot of sources though ,so they are worth a look.They price one way fares at reasonable rates

3. Iberia- has had some great sales recently,under $300rt, and I've noticed… Continue

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My Observations of the Japan Quake

I just wanted to post some things I saw during the quake. I was near Asakusa station in Tokyo waiting for my son. We were going to visit Nikko for the weekend. I was in a building on the first floor. After I felt the quake , I exited the building and waited in the middle of the street with others. Being from California, we are told to stay put or get under a desk or doorway during a quake. In Japan, it seems like everybody wants to be outside during a quake. Right or wrong, thats what I did.…


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