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Pachamanca Cooking in Peru

Pachamanca is more than just a cooking method; it is a spiritual

offerring. Pachamanca comes from the Incan traditions of the Andean

region of Peru. The word comes from the Quencha language, meaning

earth (pacha) and pot (manca).

Pachamanca meals are roasted in the earth. A hole is dug and the meat

and vegetables are placed into this hole dug into the earth. Hot

stones are then placed on top of the food. The hole is covered up and

sealed completeley for… Continue

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India's Chand Boeri

One little known contribution to architecture made by India are called

stepwells. These architectural wonders are built deep into the

ground. With fluctuating rain in the desert communities of Rajasthan

and Gujarat, these were built as far back as 600 A.D. to conserve the

water for the community. The construction of these stepwells are

unique to other wells and tanks in that you have direct access to the

water, without having to send a bucket or other vessel down… Continue

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