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S.E.Asia- USA-Lebanon-Central America-Mexico-North Africa-Spain-Caribbean
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Eastern and Central Europe
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"All that you see and seem to be is but a dream with-in a dream" - Edgar Allan Poe

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In the words of the late great Joseph Campbell, I'm just "following my bliss" :) Oi!,Qui-hubo? Servus,Sawas-dee!,Salaam!,Salut!,Ciao!, Nihao! Mabuhai! Namaste! myspace comments Namaste good morning

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East coast SHORTY here Hailin from Boston, the NYC, Maui & the Middle-East, hold-n it down now still N sin City, is this crA-Z R-A-B-N out 2 meet great peeps & make some new homEz with like interests preferably.

The gist of me; I see myself in so many words as being a sophisticated,semi-nomadic & nature revering gypsy melange who's somewhat rough around the edges with an inner urbanite upbringing who unapologetically rumbles through the universe with Bohemian-like swagger whilst also tending to exhibit anarchistic tendencies in so much that I am definitely a believer, advocate and propagator in the socio-political sense of the anarchist school of thought.

anarchism Pictures, Images and Photos

I readily admit however that this is more of an ideal than anything else , for, as far as I can see in regard to our modern age (which is quickly experiencing extreme and sudden changes all of natural and geological as well as social, cultural and in relation to humanity's common level of consciousness) , for humanity has not quite sufficiently evolved enough I don't think as a whole to not transfer, surrender or out-source its own individual sense of auto-sovereignty to others who most likely would be far more callous with it, though I also think all this might radically change with the coming of the new era..

Could the move into the age of Aquarius from Pisces signal a return a to innocence so to speak for humanity? I guess either the 2012 galactic equatorial alignment will be the deciding factor in which direction we are taken,and if not immediately at least it may very well be the catalyst that catapults human social and cultural evolution to the brink of "Kurzweils" "Singularity", and that just may be the result of the afore-mentioned catalyst my friends for new evolutionary development, or will it go the way of being a world-wide tragic set-back via global destruction or maybe a a combination of both? Time will tell I suppose, all we can do for now is remain optimistic, faithful to our essential divinity and ever-hopeful for positive & beneficent change...Salaam!

Tree of life!

What else? Well, I suppose its safe if not too presumptuous to say more over that I am of Phoenician (Levantine) descendancy and heritage, I am a dreamer first and foremost with a wild imagination, never been much good at the practical side of life.

I'm an adherent to what we might deem these days as TZM (The Zeitgeist Movement) and TVP, (The Venus Project).

Some people who I greatly admire would be;

Terence Mckenna, Jacques Fresco, Alan Watts ,Nicola Tesla, Michael Tsarion, Noam Chomsky,Kahlil Gibran,Joseph Campbell, George Carlin, Karl Sagan,Carl Jung, Alex Jones, Rumi, Peter Joseph (soo cute!..lol),Omar Khayyam, Lady Merith "A.K.A Agartha", Jordan Maxwell, Al Fry, Michael Parenti, Lloyd Pyie, Zecharia Sitchin, Edward Said,Isabel Allende, Luoung Boung,Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Michael Moore ; basically countless thousands of highly ethically evolved,compassionate and/or exceedingly wise and cognizant human incarnations through-out all time as far as we can perceive it:

I believe the trans-humanism will come about on the earth, though not sure if I am in favor of it I see it as an evolutionary inevitability barring some world-wide set-back or cataclysm which very well may come about or begin to around the end of 2012, if not than we are most definitely looking at Kurzweils 'sigularity'
in regard to a future paradigm which may come to dominate our world sometime around 2030, if we would exist at all that is, presupposing the 'technological matrix' decides not to smite us off the face of the earth..lol

I'm a radical adventurer with an eminently eccentric, eclectic albeit rather melancholic as well as culturally convoluted soul with an equally byzantine philosophical outlook of life to boot while all the while being characteristically inclined to romp over and through social conventions, stereotypes, laws, taboos mores and foreign lands with wanton abandon leaving an ardently bleeding love of life and liberty in my wake whilst seeking to better understand the morose human state of ceaseless Human on human as well as human on nature inflicted suffering, sabotage, entrapment, violence, psychological and social manipulation and incessant misery we bring to ourselves, along with all the worlds other life forms and of course that of the earth itself.

BTW, FYI, contrary to initial common public perception on behalf of those that have never met me, it should be mentioned for the record and for good measure also that despite all the bombastic,objective-sounding rhetorical auto-biographical descriptions, I am a total goof-ball and though very much a guys guy bestowed with greatly endowed intellectual acumen I also have a very deep sensitive, emotional and sensual/romantic side!!!!!!!

Smug much right? I know, take it with a grain of salt, I'm just play-n! Besides if U've read this far already U must be either oddly interested or straight bored out of ur mind and in which in either case I'm more than delighted to oblige in providing some kind of twisted entertainment :) Now with that out of the way, on to more profound personal observations..lol

Simply put, I believe in the pursuit of 'AUTHENTIC' liberty, and happiness and spiritual development, universal intra/inter-integrality acknowledgment and serene all-encompassing and holistic universal cognizance along the path of attaining my own sense of enlightenment , whatever that may be though I suspect it has much to do with the complete awareness, recognition and existentialism of total universal interconnectedness and unison, all of what we ignorantly deem to be called physical matter on the subject of duality, (separation of mind and matter or even worse the lack of credence in the unseen, unknown, un-examinable and intangible aspects of existence such as spirit.soul and its relation to consciousness of consciousness itself and of other dimensions of existence such as the ethereal, imaginative, mental, astral and all the rest which to science remains shrouded in utter mystery if not out-right ignorance).

My beliefs may appear somewhat mystic in nature, heavily tinged with esoteric philosophies and metaphysical interests to most and there may be more than a kernel of truth in that as I readily admit they tend to fall in line somewhere between Kabbalistic teachings, esoteric branches of philosophies the world over & Tantric Buddhism, Shugendo, shamanistic and other mystical philosophies such as old-school Christian Gnosticism, Hermeticism and especially Islamic Sufism in tandem with theoretical quantum physics in unison with some new-age viewpoints in regard to nature and the over-arching totality of inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of existence tending toward trends that have become quite popular as of late.

Tughra Inayati - symbol of universal Sufi'ism

Hence, in short,its safe to say I have a rather an entirely Panentheistic perception of existence as did/do most North-American tribes and as is also a spiritual tenet that pervades and characterizes Hinduism along with Sufi/gnostic /Hermetical /karmic understandings of life to other usually lesser extents. These core spiritual and cosmological beliefs are mine are on a more social and earthly note with deep and strong, radical and anarchistic influences on the social sphere of life in viewpoint and tendencies toward society, culture and life in general, all pretty ironic considering my orthodox Maronite Catholic upbringing :)...lol

I'm pretty hard to stereo-type I think, though that doesn't mean people don't persist in trying! - culturally cosmopolitan and adventurous, self proclaimed professional student of life,love and true liberty, both spiritual and social and all they have to teach and show me as well as border-jumping,back-pack-n globe-trotting citizen of the world, the only kind of citizenship that is of any good if u ask me!! :)

E agora falarei um pocadinho do que eu gosto de fazer quotidiano ou por vontade mas que nao se precupe demais, escreverei nao tanto ;)- (FYI- No, I'm not babbling, its Portuguese :)

I'm very epicurean and some of my most basic interests in life are rather taoist N view, simple things like;
read-n,working out fairly regularly at the gym if not in the outdoors which is by far what I prefer. Travel is obviously a major part of my lifestyle, it would be difficult for me to under-estimate how much so, been traveling most my life and have no foreseeable intention of ever stopping..lol..,I love playing my PS3, listening to music naturally and of course ;watching movies 2 name a few, things among many many others., indeed, the list is long and highly varied and past times of mine vacillate from year to year so probably best to simply ask me personally on what i'm currently into as I think I am a rather quickly evolving character, hopefully so in a positive light of course :)

Y pa mis Hispano-hablantes, Lo que intento conseguir de todo el trabajo que este perfil me cuesta es encontrar mas que nada de nuevos panas y buenas experiencias con personas felizes, amables e interesantes,basicamente buena gente pa conocer.Naturalmente creo yo que la amistad de amigos y familia es lo que dura y que da al espiritu esfuerzo y alegria, aunque admito sin duda ningua que hay algunos tipos quien prefien seguir el sendero de su destino solo y procurar la felicidad por dentro de si mismo en busca de su propia esencia y asqiue la esencia de la existencia por lo general y la verdad es que soy tanto asi como el tipo que explique al principio, o sea, que soy un poco de todo que digamos :).

Sin Embargo entiendo bien la importancia de la amistad y siempre seguir en la vida conociendo a gente diferente y variada para poder progresar en cuanto al desarollo de compassion y tolerancia y amor por toda la humanidad como una sola familia unida, de hecho me parece obvio que sentimiento es presico lo que espera descubrir la gente por lo general en la vida creo yo, ademas supongo para todos,para uno mas al profundo que para otros ya se, o sea,si no sea esto presumido demasiado a decir.

Donc, si tu te trouves a etre de bon, ecris-moi, particularment si tu as envie d'un bon ami avec qui pourras bavarder des choses generales ou en plus a voyager atravers la vie et si pour en y pas, alors au moins pour avoir un ami fidele et marrant alors fais-toi entre' en contact avec moi! Salaamu aleikum.


Ten Rules for Being Human----

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire period..........

2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, "life." .............

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately "work." ..............

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4. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson....................

5. Learning lessons does not end. There's no part of life that doesn't contain its lessons. If you're alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned.............

6. "There" is no better a place than "here." When your "there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will again look better than "here."..

7. Other people are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.....................

Nature Comments Natural Comments Nature Graphics Life Quotes

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8. What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours...................

9. Your answers lie within you. The answers to life's questions lie within you. All you need to do is look, listen, and trust..............

10. You will forget all this.

The infinite universe is eternal, ageless, and has no

beginning and no end. The big bang is a myth, it is

religion, the Biblical story of Genesis, masquerading as


Nature Comments Natural Comments Nature Graphics Life Quotes

Free Photos Occult Angels Fairies Gothic Celtic Myspace Orkut Photos Glitter Graphics http://www.occult-paranormal-psychic-yoga.blogspot.com

The myth of the big bang defies the laws of

physics and thermodynamics & is refuted by overwhelming

scientific evidence. This magical theory completely

collapses when we ask, what is IT which exploded, and

where did this IT come from? If there was a big bang it

was one of many, like sparse droplets of falling rain

making tiny ripples on the surface of an eternal sea.

Which means,if there was a big bang it was not the origin,

but a continuation.

The universe is infinite,eternal and has NO beginning and ;NO END!

There is absolutely no evidence to support the theory of

abiogenesis and the myth of the organic soup; the belief

that life came from non-life is based on magical thinking

and is rooted in the Biblical story of Genesis; it is

religion masquerading as science.

The nature and limitation of the human mind and brain

requires endings and beginnings and cannot perceive or

comprehend what it can't comprehend.

The yin and yang of the spiraling breathe of life underlies all structure in nature.

Can a lizard comprehend a radio, TV, or a space craft to

the Moon? For a reptile, these aspects of human reality

do not exist.

The human mind and brain are in their infancy, and most

humans childishly believe the eternal, infinite universe,

and that life itself, has a beginning and an end.

Life has no beginning, but is an intrinsic feature of the

living, infinite universe.

The universe is alive and forever recycles and gives birth

to planets, galaxies and stars.

Giant stars incredibly vast in size,explode, giving birth

to hundreds even thousands of infant stars, which come to

be ringed with living planets, many just like our own.

And this is how our own story begins....

The seeds of life,actual living creatures and their DNA,

flow throughout the cosmos and have taken root on

innumerable worlds much older than our own.

Beware for big brother is ever watchful!

Fighting terrorism since 1492, YEAH, No KIDDING!

First Nations Pictures, Images and Photos

And these genetic seeds contain the DNA instruction for

the metamorphosis of all life, including woman and

man...and this is how life on our planet began.

............................Be it "nothingness" "pure energy" or all the mass of the universe bound in a totality of singularity, the foundations of the big bang theory completely collapse when we ask a single question: Why did it explode??????????

Also: Why then and not before? From where did this pre-big bang energy/mass originate? Is not the mass of a universe compacted to the size of an atom still a universe? If all mass/energy existed before the big bang and we know not why it exploded, the theory has no basis and must be rejected.............................

The purpose of this commentary is to topple and shatter the idols worshipped by those who use the language of science to promote a religious myth, i.e. that the universe had a beginning and was created................

The hypothesis of a big bang does not promote science, but instead hinders true scientists from exploring other possibilities and advancing our knowledge and understanding of the true nature of the cosmos.............

There was no big bang. The big bang is a faith-based myth: religion masquerading as science........................

Mainstream scientists are thinking TOO SMALL............

Just as there are x times # of supernova, each of which can, eventually give rise to all manner of celestial objects, there are x times # of big bangs, each of which can eventually give rise to stars, galaxies and so on......

That is, there was a big bang, but this was not THE BIG BANG, but just one of many that occur here, there, there, there.... .Like drops of rain hitting far apart on a vast, eternal cosmic ocean creating circles of ripples that are so far apart they may seem to never to interact. (but they do).........................................

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Free Photos Occult Angels Fairies Gothic Celtic Myspace Orkut Photos Glitter Graphics http://www.occult-paranormal-psychic-yoga.blogspot.com..
Gothic dark angel

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Like supernovas all over this part of the observable: numerous big bangs, one among many separated by vast eternal distances of space and time and dimensions... here a big bang, there a big bang, everywhere a big bang... all popping up at different times and locations (and then.... coupled with, maybe (possibly), contractions followed by another big bang... even as other drops of rain fall far beyond where the eye can see...(only to become part of the cosmic ocean, evaporate only to fall again...(speaking in metaphors))......................

Anarchism Pictures, Images and Photos

Anarchism Pictures, Images and Photos

1984 Pictures, Images and Photos

Officer Friendly? Pictures, Images and Photos

Peace/Equality Pictures, Images and Photos

Kill Capitalism Pictures, Images and Photos

Tobocman Pictures, Images and Photos

abolish Pictures, Images and Photos

Wage Slave Pictures, Images and Photos

Love & Respect Pictures, Images and Photos

Black Cross Pictures, Images and Photos

crimethinc.com Pictures, Images and Photos

So, in this tiny corner of the cosmos, there was an explosion, a big bang. And in another corner there was another big bang, and over there and there another and another, each occurring at different time periods, in different regions in a vast eternal cosmic ocean --just like supernova but on a scale xxxx times that of a supernova, and well beyond this time-observed fraction of THE UNIVERSE..........................

Chinese Comments Chinese Graphics Chinese Flag Chinese Glitter Graphics

Free Photos Occult Angels Fairies Gothic Celtic Myspace Orkut Photos Glitter Graphics http://www.occult-paranormal-psychic-yoga.blogspot.com

If big bangs, like supernovas are commonplace, and if the universe is infinite (with big bangs like supernovas occurring here, there etc.) this would explain the missing heat, many of the effects attributed to "dark matter/energy" and so on...................................

The fatal flaw in the human psyche: Humans are natural

born killers... History is written in blood.

Quoted from 'Doctor Rhawn Joseph PH.D.', check out his website with this link just below or see my play-list at the very bottom of this page ------- http://BrainMind.com

Down with imperialism!

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This here below is a slide-show, an amlgamation of many of my pix from all my travels around the globe, I hope it might be enjoyed by whom ever may view it, Thanks and Salaam!

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