As a pet lover, I have raised many dogs, rabbits and cats since childhood. We are on vacation in Texas and I have adopted a Siberian cat from a cats foundation. She was very cute so I decided to adopt her when I saw her. She is living with us for few days but I noticed that her stomach is sensitive and she can't easily eat all kinds of food. I found cat's food for sensitive stomachs here but I am not sure which brands will be easily available in Texas. Can you share any online stores to get any of them? Also, will she easily travel with me from Texas to the UK in this condition?

Moreover, I also founded cute Cavapoos at Doodle Rock Rescue. It is basically an organization that rescue poodles and Cavapoos and provide them for adoption. I just attended a few of their lectures about pets' adoption education, and I decided to adopt one. 

Although it sounds easy to adopt Cavapoo after reading this article but I am a little confused about bringing both of these pets from Texas to the United Kingdom. Yes, I am asking for a passport, vaccinations, blood tests and safe routes. Do you think I would able to carry them with me via plane?

If you have already travelled with puppies, then you can also share your experience by commenting below!

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