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"FACEBOOK for travelers. That's the aim of [Tripatini], a social networking site of, for and by travelers - from writers to flight attendants and travel agents - focusing on over 250 global locations."
New York Post / New York, NY

"While more than 50 million social reviews have been created on TripAdvisor, one of the biggest hits of the past year has been Tripatini – a travel-dedicated social media and booking site. Dubbed “Facebook for travellers” by the New York Post, it has been lauded for harmoniously bringing together travel industry experts with the travel-loving public in Q&A-style dialogue. Its fledgling YouTube channel also has potential – tapping into the trend towards demand for advisory/documentary moving image content."

Stylus Sample: Social Media Travel Revolution

"[Tripatini] connects travelers in need with professionals who can help. (...) I'm simply impressed ̶ enormously impressed ̶ by it."
Arthur Frommer on www.frommers.com / New York, NY

"One of the most frustrating aspects of travel is finding reliable, up-to-date information. Tripatini's Ask a Travel Expert fills that gap."

"My posting here alerted people who hadn't seen my original one and I am (once again) hearing from quality writers.... I've liked the quality of the writers here, having read so many articles where the links have been posted, and I find this site to be much more targeted than other groups I have "linkedin" to."
Nancy M. Dickinson, Managing Editor, Exploration Travel Magazine / Hereford, AZ


"When it comes to travel, I prefer to communicate on Tripatini rather than Facebook."
Buzzy Gordon, travel journalist / Fennville, MI

"A much more powerful tool than Trip Advisor."
Racher Carter, publicist / Charlotte, VT

"I love Tripatini better than Trip Advisor!"
Nayaz Noor, CEO, Safirtours.biz / Secunderabad, India

"Much cooler than 90% of new travel sites..."
Max Hartshorne, Editor of GoNomad.com / South Deerfield, MA

"This is probably the best venue for our social networking efforts in the travel biz."
Laurie McKenzie, McKenzies' Trails West / Cline, Alberta, Canada

"Potentially a fantastic backdoor route for scoring expert advice from the people who travel and explore for a living!"
Alistair Wearmouth on Away.com, Travel Editor / Washington, DC

"By the time they reach their first million members, [Tripatini] can become a good promotional vehicle."
Chris Robles, Director of Marketing for the Brunei Tourism Development Department / Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

"Fantastic concept for the travel industry - will be sure to invite all our colleagues in Australia and NZ."
Tess Willcox, Senior Account Manager at World Resorts of Distinction / QLD, Australia

"I love Tripatini and always get great travel ideas from your fabulous site!"
Sharon Spence Lieb, Travel Journalist / Charleston, SC

"Great idea and vision, for everyone who travels....anywhere."
Patricia Aitken, Travel Agent / Eagle Point, OR

"It's great to see someone doing something proactive instead of just whining about the state of the travel industry!"
Alan Solomon, Travel Journalist / Chicago, IL

"I am very excited about this site and am looking forward to participating."
Carol Fravel, Travel Agent / San Jose, CA

"This is a beautiful website. I'll use some of the information in my Travel Tips column."
Betty Austin-Ware, Travel Journalist / Fort Mill, SC

"A great organization for quality travel & culinary connections."
Leigh Cort, Publicist / Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

"I am a hold-out -- have resisted joining any other online networking site -- no MySpace or Facebook for me. :-) "
Sharon Rooney, Publicist / Windsor, CA

"What a great site for resources!"
Tanja Rieck, Travel Agent / Redwood City, CA

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