Hello to all travelers!!  My name is Jeremy Quant and I just started using this social networking site!  Im still trying to figure everything out on here but when i saw Budgeting I was QUICK to add it!  Haha.  Well If this at all is a way to ask professional travelers, I would like to ask how i can Budget my trip to Europe for a month and a half.  I am traveling to Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, and Italy.  6 weeks, 6 countries.  I am doing my best to budget before i leave but may not be aware of some things when i go to Europe.  As far as transportation I bought a Eurail pass.  For sleeping I've found a website called Couchsurfing to crash on people's couch's so that i can cut down on Hotel or Hostel expenses.  I would much appreciate any advise that travelers have experienced through any of these countries, from eating, to sleeping, to transportation.  And if anyone will be making this trip within June-July I would love to meet up perhaps!  OK!  Again, I really appreciate any advise anyone has.  Thank you!

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