When my husband was just a little fella, he was also a little nerd (an adorable little nerd, it goes without saying!) who was always dragging his folks to the Miami Science Museum in Miami’s Coconut Grove district. And as adults, since moving down here 15 years ago, both he and I visited that museum several times.

So it was with huge excitement and anticipation that we awaited the opening of its successor, transferred to a prime spot in downtown Miami alongside the causeway to Miami Beach, which after much delay and Sturm und Drang finally opened this past May in a prime downtown Miami site right alongside the causeway over to Miami Beach. But our hopes were less than realized on three separate occasions. For all the glitz and hundreds of millions, and despite the fact that there are some parts I really like – even love – it amazingly has in many ways it hasn’t upped its game nearly enough from the old days.

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