Wondered if anyone has been to the Travel Classic conference? If so, would love to hear your review of it. Trying to decide if it's worth the cost (fruitful meetings w editors) before applying to the one in Banff, Canada in August. Thank you for any advice! :)

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It's been years since I attended one, Lanee. I was attending as an editor, and what struck me was that each writer had a short time slot with each editor. The awkward part for the writers, at least in my view, was that there were so many of them for each editor, so when we went out to dinner (etc.) the writers were practically elbowing each other to get close to an editor. The caveat to what I'm saying, of course, comes in those first three words: "It's been years..." Is my observation still valid? In fairness, that's hard to say. 

Thanks Ed! Really appreciate your feedback. Did you meet writers that turned into working relationships? (prob the elbowing still exists as it's an even tougher market now). :)

A couple, Lanee, but no regular contributors emerged from the scrum. As for the probability that the elbowing still exists because it's an even tougher market now, good point.

I hope you'll get a reaction from writers who've been there more recently -- and share it with us. 

Yes. Inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks for your invaluable input.


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