Some friends and I are looking to do 2 weeks boating in the Caribbean. We want 1 week with a crewed cat, and 1 week on our own with a power boat. Please give advice: Where should we go? And which company? Also what do you think this will cost? Thanks.

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Not sure of your skill level, or if by "cat" you mean a power cat or a sailboat. If you are thinking easy boating rather than challenging, I"d go to the BVI. Footloose, Sunsail and Moorings are all the same company. Smaller boats with more wear are at Footloose and it goes up from there. If you break down, they'll come get you. Lots of boats and options to choose from. The islands are close to the base and line of sight, so there's no need to be Magellan.
The companies also charter out power cats, which are more stable and a better overall platform for partying and for sleeping.
Hey David, this looks like good advice from somebody who knows what he's talking about. Thanks for the help!


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