About Bhutan

Bhutan offers the experience to be a part of another way of living, an alternative vision of life. It offers an opportunity to glimpse at happiness, the single most desire of every living being.


Bhutan is no ordinary place and Bhutanese a joyous lot. Sandwiched between the two most populated and powerful nations of China and India, Bhutan has stood firm and has remained an independent sovereign country through out history. Personalized characters of identity with our national dress, national religion, and national beliefs all play significant roles in whom and how we are.


Bhutan’s vibrant culture stretches from hands down beliefs like giant phalluses painted on the exterior walls of houses to ward off evil spirits to maintenance of architectural value for every house built up. The Buddhist philosophy on the way of living is the foundation of every Bhutanese upbringing.


Bhutan is a deeply spiritual kingdom that believes that Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. Its path of compassion makes Bhutan one of the most secure places in the world to travel.


Our respect for all living things, be it animals, plants or humans, enhances the practice of Buddhism whose main objective is compassion. And this is reflected in true ways with the facts below:


Naturally Bhutan

  • 74% of the land is covered by pristine virgin forest
  • 7000 known flower and plant species, with more yet to be discovered
  • 600 known species of orchids
  • 300 known species of medicinal plants
  • 700 known species of birds, of which 14 globally threatened birds find sanctuary in Bhutan
  • 178 species of animals, of which 24 globally threatened species thrive in Bhutan
  • A varied climate-subtropical in the south, temperate in the central regions, and alpine in the north in less than a hundred mile radius


in a landmass of just 38,000 square kilometers.


Colourfully Bhutan….

  • a population of under 700000, including two ancient pastoral nomadic tribes
  • 13 living dialects and languages
  • Over 10,000 stupas and 2000 Buddhist temples
  • 37 annual religious festivals through out the year
  • The only country in the world with Tantric Mahayana Buddhism as the state religion
  • An age old tradition of silk and textile weaving
  • Striking white and red Dzongs(fortresses) built without iron nails or a blueprint
  • Archers in traditional ghos skillfully hitting targets at distances of 140meters

in a country just the size of Switzerland.


Bhutan is a country of surprises, straddling the ancient and modern worlds with the balance by steadfastly preserving its distinctive identity, pristine nature, beliefs and culture while gradually introducing the modern requirements of quality essentials.


Hence tourism in Bhutan is in keeping with the policy of high yield and low impact to maintain this balance which is believed to be one of the key points of happiness and contentment.


Visiting Bhutan is something only few have accomplished. Those who have experienced the magic and mystery of the world’s most enigmatic countries are a part of an exclusive circle.




Students aged 25years and younger are eligible for a 25% discount off the daily rates with valid student card.

Bara Lynka Special fares for Children

Children between the ages of 6-12 years accompanied by parents/guardians are eligible for a 50% discount off the daily rates.


Bara Lynka Group Discount

  1. Travel with 11 people in a group, and the 11th person gets a 50% discount on daily rates. This discount will be automatically applied.
  2. Travel with 16 people in a group, and the 16th person travels for free. This discount will be automatically applied.


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