Middle seats in the planes of some airlines are vacant.  Passengers and crew members aboard cruise ships are socially distancing when possible and wearing masks.  Some countries remain closed to non-residents, while others won’t allow people from the United States to enter. 

Few aspects of life have been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than travel, and there’s no end in sight. Or is there? 
The kinds of trips people take in the months ahead will be different than in the past.  A number of travel industry experts predict that not all of the changes will disappear as the virus does. Hotels are running below capacity and many people who normally would be flying are loathe to set foot on an airplane (though this Thanksgiving just passed turned out to be an exception).

According to CNN Business, “airline traffic has plunged and it probably won’t recover any time soon.”   Stewart Chiron, a leading expert known as the Cruise Guy, says the Covid 19 outbreak may be the worst blow the industry has ever suffered. 

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