Still vibrant and popular today, the five-thousand-year-old art of astrology can identify, say, business and romantic opportunities or challenges. And those celestial bodies slinking about the stars can also help pinpoint optimal times and places for travel. And since destinations have their own astro-charts -- which interact with yours -- astrology can even serve as a kind of spiritual travel agent. It can tell you, for example, about places likely to be harmonious or challenging matches for your temperament, personality, and current astrological indications. Check your travel horoscope for November-December, below, for some places and times to consider. After all, Nancy and Ronald Reagan planned itineraries by the stars -- why not you?

Now, that said, it's also true that no one has proved particularly accurate when it comes to COVID-19 prediction -- not epidemiologists, not politicians, and not astrologers. So take the following with a grain of salt (and several of aspirin), then triple check plans for any changes. Also, keep in mind that for traveling, astrologically speaking several of these upcoming days are particularly good (green light) or bad (red light), or require a bit of caution (yellow light). Check it all out, and  Happy astro-tripping!

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