AFAR just came out with this, written by an astrologer (whom, oddly, they refuse to name lol):

Apparently, for my sign Aries I need rejuvenation, and hanging out with an Amazon shaman (ayahuasca to mess with what's left of my brain? No, thanks) or soaking in a Japanese onsen spa. Neither of which is on the menu. Main trip in France/Italy this summer, with a possible week in Mexico before or after that. So I guess I'm not going to check really any of these boxes. Oh well - the fault is in my stars!

"My warrior friends, you have been through a lot the last several years—the war for breakthrough and the courage it takes to avoid breakdown. You need some rejuvenation. Nevertheless, being who you are, I’m not recommending anything subtle. This may be the year for you to traverse the Amazon and hang out with a shaman. Transformative travel aside, it looks like travel for business could be profitable as long as you remember to make it equally profitable for all parties. That could increase the profit even more. Generally speaking, all year looks good for business travel. Long-distance travel is best in early January. Travel for commerce peaks the end of April to the end of May. Go home and relax for the Fourth of July. The greatest adventures of the year will come after Halloween.

Trips to try: Ayahuasca journey in Peruan onsen retreat in Japan

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