Has anybody taken the Boston-Bermuda cruise on Norwegian? Or any Norwegian cruise to Bermuda? Any cruise at all? My wife and I are total cruises rookies and could use any and all advice.

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I'm going on this cruise on September 24th. I have never cruised NCL before but have traveled with Carnival 3 times in the past. What kinds of questions do you have?

Without any questions, here's a brief overview of cruising to the Caribbean:

On the boat-

I find the food to be great and there's plenty of it all the time! You can ask for seconds of anything you want at the formal meal times or try something that you would otherwise not want to pay for. The buffet food is less amazing but not bad. There are lots of choices. You pay extra for soda or alcohol, generally (although you can buy 'soda cards' to have that be unlimited, too). You just hand the bartender or whoever your room key and it will automatically be billed. You never have to carry cash on the boat.

Tips are included. They do a standard fee that they tack on your final bill. You can go to the cashier person if you would like to alter the amount they tack on.

There are tons of activities on the ship, from stage dance productions to movies to fitness centers and spas. If you want to spend the day laying by the pool, grab a chair early!



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