Andacollo's Fiesta de la Virgen one of '4 of Latin America's Most Fascinating Festivals'

If you’re planning on choosing a holiday with a whole new sense of adventure, there seems to be a huge number of places still available to surprise - even shock and stun - the most jaded traveler. Yet while the temples of southeast Asia, vast canyons of North America, and unmistakable coastlines of Europe are all fantastic places to lose yourself for a week or two, one continent stands out from all the rest as a partygoer’s dream: Central and South America.

We’ve all heard of the blowouts that take place in Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo, and Salvador, yet despite Brazil constituting over 40 percent of South America’s landmass, it’s not the only home of some of the best carnival atmospheres outside of Rio, New Orleans, or Notting Hill.

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