See Cuba through the eyes of LGBT locals on a 9 days and 8 nights adventure as guests of PrideWorld, a specialist in LGBT travel.


You’ve probably heard a lot about gay life in Cuba within the past year or so since Mariela Castro Espin’s, daughter of Raul Castro, the current president of Cuba, and niece of Fidel, recent visits to the U.S.


Mariela has been a forceful ally for LGBT rights as the director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education in Havana.


The gates are finally slowly opening up to the Latin island nation in the Caribbean that was once a favorite vacation destination. Americans have found creative ways since 1960 to enter Cuba after the economic embargo was established by the U.S. nearly 55 years ago creating a mystic frozen in time in American’s imaginations by authors like Ernest Hemingway.


Now, you can discover Cuba’s charms through in-depth encounters with local LGBTs along with artists, dancers, musicians to learn about the social challenges gays face in Cuba and the country’s past, present and future.


Discover Cuba March 21, April 18 and May 15. Book your Cuban adventure with Heather Cassell at 415-517-7239 or or


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