Escaping into nature provides a series of family-friendly activities that help children to develop important skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. And living in a region that makes it easy to explore wooded areas gives families the opportunity to visit remote places, campsites and recreational parks. These places are essential for kids, especially in the age of technology, as we humans tend to distance ourselves from nature, often overlooking the role that Mother Nature plays in our daily lives - especially if we live in high-rise buildings, skyscrapers or big cities.

Near the Atlantic coast just outside Savannah (as well as about 3½ hours from Atlanta and two from Charleston, South Carolina), the small city of Pooler, Georgia (pop. just over 19,000) is ideal for a comfortable, relaxing and simple life. Here you can raise exceptional children in a safe environment that will become educated and valuable members in their community. Family values are important and in a small town like this you can nourish and nurture them for your children to grow up to be respectful and trustworthy. Inspire your family through fun and cool attractions throughout Pooler, GA while also planning a trip to some of the best natural escapes around the city.

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