It can make you money!

Consider for a moment if you had 10,000 people following you on Twitter. You post a Tweet and ten thousand people instantly see your message and a link to your website to learn more. Wow! Way cool. It only took 30 seconds or so to set up that Tweet that will post to 10,000 Twitter users . . . many of which may click through to your website!


How many page-views does your website get every day? Don’t know: Set up Google Analytics now! — If you get 1,000 page views per day, that’s ~30,000 people per month you have an opportunity to get signed up to receive your newsletter or may reach out to become a client.


The real investment is your time and effort spent cultivating an audience by writing, posting and tweeting to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


Content Marketing as this is known is the effort of writing articles about topics in your travel niche that provide insight, information and your opinions. Then publishing those articles online in the effort to build a loyal audience and establish yourself as a leading expert.

"The key to winning at Content Marketing is creating as large an online footprint as possible by posting articles on your website and other websites on a regular basis and then promoting them on social media."

Easy money . . . right?

Well, the unfortunate part of Content Marketing is that there’s no easy path to success. It takes a lot of effort to craft interesting articles on a regular basis, posting them to your blog and methodically promoting them on your social media outlets via scheduled posts and tweets. Yet, the rewards can be great as you become a “Travel Influencer” online.


While “Influencer Marketing” is the term being used for this latest trend, it is rooted in testimonial style advertising. The difference is that the Internet and social media provide the opportunity for regular people like you and I to establish ourselves as online personalities and along the way creating a large online audience. 


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