Depart from hotel at 08.30 AM and start our full day of Art Tours, first will stop over at the Museum of National Fine Arts. It has received many high ranking delegations of different countries, the Museum has sent many traveling thematic exhibitions to other nations to introduce to international friends the typical culture, heroic history of Vietnam. At the same time, it has linked local people with painting, photograph, and sculpture collections of international artists. The Museum has created chances for local art lovers to enjoy and learn about different fine arts school and tendencies of the world.

Next stop will be at the home/ studio of the famous artist Pham Luc, Pham Luc was born in central part of Vietnam in 1943 and had served as army artist in over 30 years during the Vietnam war. Pham luc art works are outstanding with his master skill, he is famous with " Rice Sack Painting". Pham luc art works has participated in many art exhibitions in Vietnam and foreign countries such as Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Poland, Czech and so far in the USA. His paintings have been collected by the Vietnam’s fine art museum and many foreign people, He is specializing in motherland, love and war subjects ( Pham Luc is the first and only artist in Vietnam who has his own collector club, some over 200 local vietnamese art collectors have been collecting his art works till date).

Continue our visit at one of
the biggest art galleries such as: Viet Fine arts or Green Palm or Apricot or Thang Long (just one of them).
Tour ends at 12.00 (Noon) and transfer back your hotel. (or you also can request to drop off at any fine local restaurant in town)

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Highlights for Hanoi art tours:
The National fine art museum  (Hanoi):

The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum is located at 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi. The Museum draws a large number of national and international visitors not only by quality of the collections, but also by the artistic architecture of the historic building.

The Museum’s building was constructed during the French colonial period. It was originally a boarding school for daughters of French officials.

In 1962, the Vietnamese Government ordered the Ministry of Culture to transform this building into a place to collect, exhibit and preserve the precious and special works of art of Vietnam from the prehistoric time until present days. The building was renovated and Vietnamese architectural elements were added, making it a building suitable for an art museum.

In 1966, the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum officially opened to the public. The entire area of the museum is 4,737m2 of which the exhibition space is around 3,000m2. In addition to the permanent displays, the Museum has a space for temporary exhibitions, a Creative Space for Children and a Café. Besides the main site in Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, the Museum has another site in Hoang Cau Street where professional departments, collections storage, and a conservation centre are located.
At front of the Museum
Vietnam antique

Vietnam art work (Pham Luc painting)

Meet the well known Pham Luc artist at his home (in Hanoi)

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