Hi, I am writing a feature on eco-hotels and need a total of five for my article. So far I am looking at La Luna in Grenada, Ace in Palm Springs, Dos Palmas in Palawan, Philippines...I would love suggestions on two more...hopefully one in Canada, as this is a Canadian pub. patricia.gajo@adventuramag.ca

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Almost by chance, on a drive back to the UK from Barcelona, last year, I stopped at one of France's fast growing collection of 'bio-hotels'. Called La Orangerie, and located just off the N10, south of Poitiers, in Central France, I was astounded by the sheer high quality of its presentation. Everything about the place is 'clean and green', even its wine and produce suppliers. The central heating for the hotel is the latest ground heat transfer type, which also heats the outside swimming pool. The 'green' wines, spirits and all fish, meats and produce come from sustainable sources. No single element about the place can be rated as anything more than carbon-neutral, including the bed linen, pottery and even the entertainment. All switches are on timers and both wind turbine and solar panels provide additional energy recovery. If you wish to know more, I shall be delighted to help you.
Happy New Year,
Iain P W Robertson


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