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I am a great fan of South Korean culture, people, movies and TV series. That's why I am planning a trip to visit this beautiful country in September with my family and few friends. Because I have only a few weeks to spend there, that's why I want to explore its finest places. I found few movies worth watching before the journey to South Korea, but it would be beneficial if you also share your suggestions and experiences.

Seoul Searching: It is the best movie to watch if you want to explore everything about South Korea. It is basically about the teens who decide to move to South Korea to find their true identities. Yes, they were South Korean cities but brought up in foreign countries. Undoubtedly, it is the best movie, but if it is not available in your region on FireStick, then you can use this third party app or install Surfshark VPN on FireStick for other countries' regional content. It is also available on Netflix, or you can also watch it on your PC by using any browser VPN. 

Bitter Sweet Seoul: This is basically a documentary that tells everything about the busy life in big cities of South Korea. It is going to tell a lot about the metropolis life of Seoul. But honestly, I want to know more about other cities as well.

High Society: If you want to know about the middle and upper class of South Koreans. Likewise, how you should deal with these different classes there then you should watch High Society. It would give the right ideas about cultural, moral and social values.

Tune in for Love: If you search for light and romantic movies with many outdoor shooting scenes, then Tune in for Love is a perfect choice. There are many sources from where you can stream it with English subtitles. 

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