In my little research and life experience, I have been able to discover that Companies and industries of the world plan your rest and give you a certain period of off-duty and even pay you for it, Why? For re-frame of mind after a serious contract completed, a rest after a successful production period, a certain working layoff in your place of work is for a purpose. Many at times, you have the break but don't know what to do with it or you have been visiting a particular area of interest. Why don't you look into West African Countries and Nigeria this time around for unbeatable experience that is capable of re-birth you, your thinking and orientation? @ Batt Travels and Tour, WE PLAN TRIPS within and outside West African Countries and Nigeria. For your group tour, escorted tour, school excursion, love tour, re-union tour, adventure tour etc, contact us today for unbeatable experience

We specialize in: West African Countries and Nigeria Destinations

1.      Leisure tour

2.      Golf tour

3.      Festival tour: Patigi Regatta Festival, Egungun Festival, Argungun Fishing Festival, Dubar Festival, Sharo / Shadi Festival, Eyo Festival, Sango Festival, Benin Festival etc

4.      Natural tour: Owu Waterfalls, Imoleboja Rock Shelter, Asa Dam Conference and Resort etc.

5.      Asa Inland Beach and Resort: All types and locations of interesting and fascinating beaches that take you more closer to nature

6.      Museums, Parks and other organized institutions for your pleasure only

7.      Adventure, wildlife, cultural, historical etc

8.      Religious tour: Umrah on Demand (monthly) Hajji, Holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

9.      Eco-Tourism Promotion, Holiday/Vacation Travel Packages

10.  Love tour:

o   Honey moon package

o   Yearly wedding anniversary

o   Romance travel package  

o   Family Re-union package

o   Birthday and other sort of family packages

o   Old-boys and the like meetings packages

 Why don't you take a step today by contacting us via our email: or or visit our website or better still, call us on +23408120877680 or +23408034453059. Hurry! Tourism makes the world smaller than your imagination.

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