According to Skift's  13 Global Trends that will define Travel in 2013 report/whitepaper, mobile technology, maps and last minute bookings will be the next battle ground in travel. It seems in all these trends, something is missing. Comfort and convenience

One thing that the last four years of recession has taught some of us travelers is, how little of the amenities provided by the hotels, are used by an average business or frequent traveler. I do not need five kinds of soaps and shampoos, I need free wifi. The major US hotel chains all charge extra for that convenience. At $250-$350/night I do not need another $20-$30 to connect back to get my email. If anything, technology should be an enabler.

I do not want five pillows, I want double-glazed windows to  block off the noise. I do not want an ipod dock, and ever blinking alarm clock when you have an automated wakeup service. Do not give me complimentary bottle of cheap wine, while charging $4 for the bottle of water. 

Who needs 500 movies and music on demand in the Personal Entertainment System on the plane, while you are  charging for carryon bags. I have only seen once, in the two decades, since telephones were installed in individual seats in airplane, some one actually use it to make a call ( at $5/minute no less) 

Does this sound right ? Or am I totally off the mark ?

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