Travel Bucket List 2018: 8 Awesome Island Destinations Threatened b...

In the travel media business, the end of the old year is usually accompanied by articles on where to travel in the new year. But if you’re casting about for off-the-beaten-track ideas, you could do worse that starting to experience the delightful tropical islands of the world that will be the first, in the not distant future, to be threatened by the sea-level rise brought by climate change. expected to be 10 to 32 inches (26-82 centimeters) by the end of this century. Of course, much of the rest of the world’s coastlines will be also affected, but sadly, these particularly low-lying isles in the Pacific and Indian Oceans will likely be among the first to drastically change and perhaps even disappear. Here are eight of the most worthwhile...  keep reading 

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