Among the various cities I've traveled to in Europe, Rome is my favorite. The sites, history, construction and ancient buildings mark it as interesting reasons for millions of tourists to flock in each season. Being the key city in Italy, Rome is rich for its traditional and cultural ethics. Standing on the banks of Tiber River, its most outstanding aspect for me is its museums and galleries - this city of seven hills speaks out tradition and art. Thousands of Christians gather to attend churches during Lent and Easter. Apart from sightseeing, there are quite a lot of Rome activities to do and enjoy. Let us run through a few recreational activities in Rome which I enjoyed. So how do you choose between all of the top restaurants, nightlife spots, shopping districts, sporting events, museums and performing arts? Take a peek at a Rome itinerary in five days with us for spending the most memorable five days in Rome.

And here are my top 5 extra cool activities...

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