Jumping into any new sport or hobby can often be not only daunting but downright confusing. If you’ve never rowed or paddled before, your first time nestled within the bowels of a kayak may leave you feeling sort of a fish out of water. Especially if you haven’t yet received any kayaking tips.

Here at the Journey Junkies, we pride ourselves on providing you with the ideas and know-how on the way to experience your favorite outdoor actives in the best ways possible.

Whether or not you’re looking for a single-person kayak or a two-person tandem model, and for tackling class-IV rapids or simply paddle across a glass-smooth lake, there are some key kayaking tips you ought to take under consideration before pushing off the shoreline. In this guide, we’ll re-evaluate everything from paddling techniques and stretching to equipment care and proper attire. Follow these guidelines and you’ll get the utmost benefits provided by kayaking.

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