now on our blog: Why Has a Goofy Korean Rap Hit Gone Viral and Zoomed Up World Music Charts?

You got me there, actually. When a friend sent me the YouTube link for “Gangnam Style,” by a pudgy, 35-year-oldSouth Korea hippity-hopper called Psy, I was bemused (no, not necessarily amused), to say the list. Whirling frantically from a kids’ playground to a horse barn to a sauna to a disco bus to a subway car to a toilet stall to a merry-go-round – actually, I’ll stop there, as the merry-go-round image is a pretty apt one, with the understanding that it’s kind of a carousel on crack. The music is electronica, the thumping beat  addictively electronic, and the signature move a silly little “ride-‘ em-horsey” dance. Um, is any of this making sense? 

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