Visiting South Korea's dynamic capital, one afternoon I decided to check out Seongsu-dong, the gritty, working-class neighborhood on the Han River that has in the last five years become Seoul's hipster-chic answer to Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Shoreditch, filled new galleries, shops, and restaurants. So I took the camera and made an appointment with Aaron, my necessary “Korea interpreter”, at Seongsu metro station.There weren't many people at the street of Seongsu-dong in such a hot afternoon, and we were both starting to get a little bored after strolling around for a while, so just casually I took some pictures and and was ready to go home. Then I spotted Veranda Industrial, a battered old building with primitive windows and mottled gray walls that made a contrast to the surrounding modern shops. Caught me totally by surprise, but... keep reading

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