In these times of stress and uncertainty, it is relieving to know that once we can travel again, there are places in the world that offer the healing qualities of reflection, tranquility and mindfulness. Japan is one of those places.

Practicing Zen in Japan

In Japan, the school of Zen involves practicing Zazen (meditation) and mindfulness, which can be achieved by the act of Shakyo (hand copying of Buddhist sutras. Both Zazen and Shakyo may help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. In under two hours north of Tokyo, TOBU Railway's limited express trains bring travelers to places where zen can be practiced in its purest surroundings. These include the Nikko area (about two hours north of Tokyo's Tobu Asakusa Station), the Ryomo Area (about 1¼ to two hours north of Tobu Asakusa Station), and the Kawagoe area (about 30 minutes north of Tokyo's Ikebukuro Station).

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