Time to Plan Educational/Service Travel to Peru/Ecuador for Spring Break & Summer

Teachers, Youth Group Leaders - Time to get your students geared up for an educational group tour like no other.

We recommend the following destinations for your Educational Tours 
The length of the trip is customized to meet the needs of each group.  Cost is based on # of paying participants and # of teachers who travel free

>Manu Biosphere Reserve/Peru Amazon Jungle - an adventure in exploring wildlife of the pristeen Amazon jungle.  Minimum 7 days (+ 2 travel days) optional 3-day extension to discover Machu Picchu. (age 14 & up)

>Cusco/Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley with Service Project and 1 day hike on the Inca Trail.  Minimum 6 days (+ 2 travel days) optional 3-day extension to explore Lake Titicaca & Floating Reed Islands (age 14 & up)

>Ecuador/Mindo/Volcano Explorer.  This jungle birdwatching trip can be adjusted to fit the needs of students as young as 9 yo & works well mother/daughter (or other student/adult travel partner) groups.  It's closer to fly to Quito, Ecuador than Peru, from the US, so the total cost of the trip is less than travel to Peru.  Minimum 6 days (+ 2 travel days)

Contact Jacquie Whitt and Vidal Jaquehua to discuss organize your trip now
Adios Adventure Travel  info@adiosadventuretravel.com

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