Sudan - yes, Sudan - peacefully offers amazing ancient pyramids and much else

Yes, this north African country has president who's wanted for war crimes, and it has undeniably been a rough place in recent years. Parts of it, in fact, still are. But other parts , including capital Khartoum and Northern State are among the safe areas that have a lot to offer open-minded visitors. Unique in the world, for example, are its plethora of pyramids dating back to ancient times - more than Egypt, in fact, if smaller in size. And the people are a true delight - warm and friendly, theyThey blend the gracious hospitality of Arabs with the easy-going, laid-back traits of sub-Saharan Africans. And I always keep in mind something an Iranian soldier told me during my first trip to Iran: “Please don’t judge the people of my country by our crazy politicians,” a statement with which any American, for example, can... keep reading

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