B2B wholesale tour operators- Are they going to disappear eventually?

What will happen if all the Tour Operators & suppliers give the same prices to all travel agencies? Would a B2B operator have any advantage at all in the market?
How do you think this can be overcome if the volumes are not substantial?

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We offer net prices to all of our members of TheTopTravelClub.com. All of our members will book directly with operators or wholesalers. Travellers who are comfortable with handling their own bookings directly with suppliers over the internet should be able to get 'net of commission' prices....they can with us....

We currently offer 10's of 1000's of TopTravelVouchers representing net prices (or special member rates) for travel in over 80 countries. Travellers only need travel agents who have Knowledge, Experience and Expertise of destinations or activities...not specialists with 'brochure' expertise.....we also offer promotion to expert agents who want to reach out beyond their own local areas.

The internet has changed the way travel is sold but there are still some non-believers out there.

We do not sell travel or take res.

We never charge any travel business for any of our services when they join our TopTravelVoucher program and we will even give them a free family membership ($99usd per year) for their own family travels.
cheers, tony humphrey, tony@thetoptravelclub.com


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