I'm happy to join your group. In there I want to introduce my company - Indochina Travel Service - the number 1 company to choose for travel in Indochinese Countries. Because :
Our company is contributed by professional travel advisors and teams of qualified administrators. In addition, our strong alliance with experienced local travel suppliers and wholesalers across Indochina help to enhance the quality of our travel services and not less importantly, keep our prices highly
competitive over the market.We are working hard to offer tourists all over the world a reliable travel agent based in Vietnam and specialized in Indochina excellent services, unique journeys to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with very competitive prices.
We are very enthusiastic to cater your need and to assist you in planning unforgettable holidays in Indochina. Besides, for better services to our clients, we commit to your requests within 24hours.
Vietnam is a tropical paradise of charming people, heavenly beaches, brilliant green rice paddies and lush emerald rainforests.Like the rest of Indochina (including Laos and Cambodia), Vietnam is a former French colony and has been independent since 1954. It still retains a strong French cultural influence, with wide boulevards, magnificent Belle Époque architecture, fresh baguettes sold on every corner, and good espresso and fine Bordeaux widely available.
The Vietnam War has long since been forgotten, and the people are exceedingly warm and hospitable in this nominally communist country which is an absolute delight to visit.
The company's depth of experience and large infrastructure enable it to create unique itineraries with the operational confidence to fulfill client expectations.
Van Cao
Indochina Travel Services
Email - info@indochinatravelservice.com
Website – www.indochinatravelservice.com
Tel - +84 43 722 5869
Fax - +84 43 722 5870

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