Where to Get Dataset of All Continents, Cities and Zip Codes for Travel App?

Hi Everyone!

I am developing a travel application for non-commercial purpose. The main agenda of designing this mobile application is to help the travellers around the globe with quality guides, maps and information of hotels, parks etc. I have designed its template and even trying to connect different travel agents to help the tourists. Now, I need to include all continents, countries, cities and their postal codes, but I am confused about the right place to fetch data.

In the beginning, my priority was Github and Kaggle, but I am having some technical issues while fetching data from there. That's why I am thinking to use this world dataset of Back4App. Actually, I was looking for places which get data from authentic sources and luckily Back4App got this data from Geonames and the United Nations. However, as a travel app coder, if you guys know other sources, then you can suggest by commenting below!

I am waiting for your suggestions.

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