South Caicos bonefishing among Linda Cooper's 'Caribbean Dreaming' Travel Snapshots

“Bermuda, Bahama, come on, pretty mama...”

The Caribbean has long been famed as an idyllic vacation hotspot, inspiring not only the Beach Boys but the entire world.
It’s a region that never gets old, with more than 30 countries and territories spread across hundreds of islands, each with different cultures, jungles, cities/towns, and sugary sand beaches that vary from powdery white to shades of gray.

I felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude with so much natural beauty constantly surrounding me “in my office” during the filming of season one of my lifestyle travel series Travel Time with Linda.  It was a dream come true - hence the season’s theme title, “Caribbean Dreaming”.

The biggest challenge of my job was finding a unique way each episode to feature twelve tropical bucket-list destinations, highlighting each locale's essence and flavor.  One show in particular that stands out was...

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